Stopping Banning With the TT Injector

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Stopping Banning With the TT Injector

Post by gollyhawhaw on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:30 pm

What I have noticed. I was silly enough to use my member account on the TT Injector. The TT injector is a hacking program used for toontown. It has been fixed but is currently being patched. The most reliable place to do your hacking is in Toon Valley. My membership account never got banned. Toon Valley has lots of toons who loves hackers. They find hackers very interesting. Something I would reccommend to stop people from getting banned is to either hack in a district with no toons at all in your sight or in Toon Valley. Also, I would not reccommend adding other toons you dont know why they know you are a hacker. Sure! You can add them just to show them you hacks but when you log off delete them straight away! IF you have any questions then feel free to make a reply!
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